Saturday, 1 February 2014

All Men Are The Same

I keep hearing a symphony everywhere I go, and the chorus is always the same “Men Ain’t Shyt” ''All men are the same''. Have you ever considered the fact that if all the Men that YOU come across “ain’t shyt”, then maybe….just maybe it’s not them…it’s you? Whenever a female tries to come to me telling me her man ain’t shyt , I look at her sideways. If he ain’t shyt then what the Hell does that make YOU? your mates serve as mirrors, so whatever you see in him, resides in you. Who is giving BIRTH and PRODUCING all these “ain’t shyt” men? Where there are no decent WOMEN, there are no decent MEN, so if we can’t find decent men it is the DIRECT RESULT of your indecent behaviour as WOMEN. I mean every day, there is a rant, a post, a conversation, a script being written, that will state how men are trifling, don’t have nothing, won’t be nothing. Do you think that is motivational to we men? You think that inspires us to do better or be better for a group of women that have already deemed us “no good” and “failures”? Yet, you keep your favourite “Men Ain’t Shyt” songs on repeat.

At the end of it all, YOU are the common denominator in your failed relationships.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

25 Minutes

Keep a towel close to you. You might need it as you read this great story.

"Oscar! Please I beg you. It won't happen again. I'm sorry." Sophia cried out as Oscar turned her into a punching bag. He smacked her head and threw her against the table. Her waist smashed hard on the edges. The glass wares fell to the ground and shattered into fragments.

"I've warned you severally. I hate it when I see you hang out with any man not me. I'll deal with you today!" Oscar flexed his muscles as he yelled. He rendered a blinding slap on Sophia's face. She lost conscious a little and fell to the ground. The broken pieces of the glass wares torn through her skin. She felt sharp deep pains.

"Oscar! Oscar! Oscar! I'm bleeding. Please, I'm sorry." She struggled with her breath as she called out. She was bleeding profusely. It didn't matter to Oscar.

"That's what you get for disobeying me." Oscar roared out his vexation and walked away.

Sophia shed blood-ridden tears as she tried to help herself up. The broken pieces of ware pierced her skin. Some hooked on her skin. She felt a sharp pain as she pulled them out. Each one she pulled forced out tears that stung her eye sockets. She wept at her sorrowful situation. The Oscar that she loved so much is the one leaving scars all over her body. The previous scars are still fresh. And he has added new ones.

Sophia lost her virginity to Oscar. It formed a bond that attached her to him. She's foolishly in love. Everything Oscar does is right. Everything he says sticks. Oscar is reaping an undeserving love. He knows Sophia was so in love and couldn't do without him. He took advantage of such a rare privilege and used her like a piece of rag. He forcefully demanded sex from her and most often rape her. Almost everyday he demands sex favours from her. After each ejaculation, he'll abandon her like a prostitute. He claimed he loved her and wouldn't stand to see her with another man. He was still struggling to become financially mature. Sophia most often help him financially. Cook for him with her money. Wash and take care of his home. It's just one room apartment. Sophia turned down the advances of many potential men because of Oscar. Oscar on the other hand, was a possessive jealous cheat. He cheated on her and wouldn't let her go. Sophia couldn't see all the wrong he was doing. She was totally in love. Oscar promised to change. She believed him and she was waiting patiently for him to realize she was his woman. She stuck to him because she believed Oscar loved her that's why he's protecting her from other men. And plus, he doesn't want to let her go. She believed he will change someday.

Sophia's phone was ringing. She noticed that it was an unknown number. Oscar was around her and she was so afraid to pick her call.

"Pick your call Sophia." Oscar urged her.

"I don't know the number calling me. I don't want to pick." Her lips vibrated in fear as she refused to yield to Oscar's request.
Oscar grabbed her phone and answered the call. He discovered it was a man that was calling her. He dropped the call without finding out who the caller was.

"A man is calling you again? How the hell did he get your number Sophia?" He raged. Great panic squeezed Sophia's throat.

"I don't know the person that called me. I didn't give anyone my number lately. I'm sorry please." She begged.

"Sorry? That's not the reply I expected. For the last time who's the man that called you?" He stood up and walked closer to Sophia as he asked her. His anger boiled and evaporated into extreme vexation. Sophia trembled and hid her face with her arms.

"Oscar you picked the call not me.

Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hmmm....its Saturday morning... You got your man lying next to you in deep sleep, both of you had worked so hard all week. The friday night was fun but, you still need some more action - something that'll make you feel alive this cold morning...hmmm... I got just the right thing for you... Quietly get your head in between his legs, kiss the cap of his d**k, kiss the sides, run your hand down his balls - kiss them, play with them with your tongue, come back up - licking his balls up to his shaft till you get to the tip of his cock, kiss the cap of his penis passionately and while grabbing his cock with a hand slid it into your mouth and start sucking away *he must have grown really hard by now* GOOD, as you suck - do not use your teeth, suck him like your whole existence depends on it while you simultaneously give him a hand job...deep throat him...damn!...he's gonna love it!..make him cum...what a way to get awoken from Now, it'll be his turn to do things to you - believe you me, he's not gonna disappoint. After so much foreplay, let him spread your legs apart for the initial entry *if I were him, I'll first rub the cap of my penis on the pussy for a while - just to tease you - before penetration*. I recommend the rabbit ears position for this - he folds your legs with your knees beside (or almost close to) your ears then, he drives his rock hard, smooth d**k into your pussy and starts thrusting in and out. Do that for a while then move on to this next sex position... THE FLATIRON - SEX POSITION FOR THIS WEEKEND... a.k.a. Downward Dog,